e-Estonia - the Hub for IT Services

We could tell a lot about Estonia distinguishing itself as a small country in European Union with a small but smart and hardworking population, with wonderfully beautiful Medieval Old Town in its capital — Tallinn, with lots of greenery and natural places attracting tourists from all over the world.

But this time we would praise it being the hub for the most actual and demanded part of every single person everyday life — Information Technologies. The country takes pride in being one of the most wired-up on the planet with all-round high-speed broadband access and a full range of government services available online to all citizens. Skype word became nominal and basically first associative with Estonia. Besides its remarkable foundation history it helped young Estonians to seek a career in technology while at the same time providing a well-spring of experience to nurture the tech scene.


Software is eating the world

Quoting the words of Marc Andreessen «software is eating the world» and this is so well proved by the fact that IT is not only providing the support to the rest of the economy, but it's also getting surrounded by the remarkable production and service sectors. Still we can say that the Estonian IT sector including software, services, production, etc., is in it's development stage being supported by large and successful companies, great level of innovation, marketing knowledge, strong ties with export markets, the higher education and training. It's already a common case that Estonian IT companies get orders or financed and supported from abroad, first from the nearby Nordic countries like Finland and Sweden and then more commonly the most desired support comes from USA. Some of the largest, well-known and mostly important Estonian IT companies are for example Palytech, Webmedia, Regio, Fortumo, ZeroTurnaround, Cybernetica, Titanium Systems, Logica, Raintree Estonia and of course already mentioned Skype. All of them are located in our country being also the most desired employers for the new IT specialists.

Estonia — Future Facing Nation

The leader of emerging start-ups

With above said it's no wonder that Estonia is considered to be the leader of emerging start-ups every year. According to Enterprise Estonia, 10 to 20 new tech start-up companies are set up, which is the leading number per capita of population than in any other European country. Although there are many examples of successful companies in other fields, we would emphasize that the most successful are namely online service providers or those who work with social networks and software development. IT is one of the most popular areas of business as well as studies. The use of IT has greatly changed the way things are done nowadays. The main trend is towards simplification, innovation and customer-friendliness.


As the title of subject article goes we have even an appropriate term for our country with one of the most advanced e-societies in the world — e-Estonia — an incredible success story that grew out of a partnership between a forward-thinking government, a proactive ICT sector and a switched-on, tech-savvy population. This is our main achievement as of a small, post-Soviet nation, which transformed itself into a global leader in e-solutions.


It's only the beginning.  

Heading into its third decade of e-society development, Estonia is now the training ground for countries that want to introduce powerful solutions such as i-Voting, e-Cabinet, e-Health systems and more. Over 40 countries around the world are using Estonian e-solutions.

And new systems are constantly in development. Even with all of Estonia's successes, this by no means the end of the e-Estonia story. It's only the beginning.

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