Forbes magazine has included Estonia on a list of seven European startup hotspots to watch

Forbes said that while the likes of London and Berlin continue to dominate headlines as Europe’s leading startup hubs, there are some hidden gems that are fast emerging as champions of the continental startup scene. 

The countries on the list, in addition to Estonia, are Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Ireland and Austria. Estonia comes in seventh. “This small Baltic state has established itself as a startup nation, birthplace of tech brands like Zerply, GrabCad, and Skype, whose software was developed by Estonian engineers, and a country that has created fertile conditions for startup growth,” Forbes said in the article. 

“Estonia’s administration is responsive to the needs of small businesses. In 2013, Juhan Parts, Estonia’s then-Minister of Economic Affairs, announced his ambition to make Estonia one of the best countries in the world to establish a company and introduced the Estonian Entrepreneurship Growth Strategy 2014-2020,” it added.

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