Delivering new web solutions with powerful tools in co-operation with Kunstmaan, Belgium

A bit of a history first

After a long run for "the right" content managment system we can finally take a deep breath. With the great experience behind working with different frameworks, programming languages and CMS's we took the challenge and now really happy with the results.


Back in early 2000 we started to play with ready-to-go CMS systems and managed to create several light versions of our own software to build easy to use custom websites. Wordpress was step by step taking its market share but we really liked the idea to have a fully customized solution in-house. We are developers, so we rule on the web stage, yeah?


Back in the 2005 you could smell the IT-Boom in every corner of the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn. We were in the same train and started to practice Symfony framework more and more as it gave us the flexibility to deliver high quality web applications.

Game around the travel industry

Finding ourself surrounded by many travel industry clients we started to gather the thoughts and plan to build fully customizable back-end platform for the travel industry needs. We got professional travel business investors to heat the fire to the max and started coding. That gave birth to our platform called OptimusCMS back in 2010. Based on the Symfony framework and ExtJS framework (Sencha) on the front-end it gave the flexibility to administrate and run multiple branded sites for travel agents and tour operators without any technical skills or complex data structure adjustments.

Expertise driven professional approach to deliver high quality software 

Never late to learn, we never skip the important rule - explore explore and explore before you start something new. In 2014 our team was back behind the school table. We were planning to build platform based on new tools available and yet again flexible and robust. This was the lesson of couple of months testing, trying and crying for the functionalities we wanted. Our trip into the web development ocean was very interesting and we will soon write more about diving with the sharks of the web, talking about WordPress, Drupal, Laravel and other tools available on the market now.  


Finally we managed to get through the battlefield of different programming languages, old school principles and new school hipster approaches. After two months of researching and testing different frameworks, solutions and their combinations we managed to find the most flexible solution, provided by the Belgium based IT-agency called Kunstmaan.


Kunstmaan solution run on Symfony newest version and consist of set of bundles that combines into high quality, flexible and above all user-friendly interface powered with all new edge technology and functionality new Symfony framework could bring.


We are happy no announce that from now on we will work on developing Kunstmaan CMS together with the top specialists from the Kunstmaan agency. 

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