Outsourcing Estonians

One would make an extensive research before outsourcing. When outsourcing IT specialists in Estonia you most likely will not regret.


A bit of native history

The Estonian nation itself has undergone many challenges before it became completely independent in 1991. However they had to face the fact that with their so much desired independence they got their small country with a small population and only a few resources. The country leaders saw the perspective in only emerged Internet and its possibilities to develop and open the borders virtually but at the same time not less effectively. And there was all grounding for that: after the severe economic depression in 2009 the low development costs in Estonia pulled in inward investment. The Estonian schools provided students with a strong background in physics and mathematics, a tradition that dates back to the 1980s. This provided a well-spring of programming talent. And the proof of success is the apparent result in its first turn: a lot of companies providing the IT-services emerged and became the serious players on the world scene as well as the amount of yearly appearing start-ups is the highest compared to any other European country.


The successful adapters

The Estonians are the adapters as throughout their history they had to adapt to different influences and restrictions. Today the Estonian e- and m-thinking is a good and successful example of such adaptability. The efficient means are sought for the progress, explored and applied and all this in a quick manner. Hardworking, quality, punctuality, responsibility, quick learning and devotion to the task — all these characteristics are true for the Estonian employees. The experienced specialists are described as reliable, disciplined, hardworking and ready to contribute flexible working hours.


The country of contrasts

Due to young age of independent nation, its geographical position and belonging to the European Union Estonia has many positive contrasts: history and high-tech, Eastern hospitality and Northern conservativeness, educated european-minded people, liberal economic environment and pristine nature.   

Estonia — Perfect for Business

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Estonia — the Land of Engineers